Michelle Bryant Books

Rambling Roads

Michelle Bryant is a creative mind – has been all her life. She just sees things differently. She has been writing as long as she can remember and sees the world around her through the passionate heart of a dreamer. It is through her writings, prayers and Bible studies that she has found freedom from her childhood of abuse and manipulation.The transparency and response to her poetry in her first book God, are you listening? was enormous enough to warrant the compilation of many years of Michelle´s personal journalings. Rambling Roads: a collection of thoughts, poems and prayers is filled with not only with Michelle´s writings but with drawings, doodles and photos by her as well.Both books are a journey. One leads you down a road to freedom, the other down many rambling, winding paths from the innocence of adolescence to the deepness of her soul.Whether you choose God, are You listening? or Rambling Roads, it is her prayer that readers young and old will find something in the pages of her books that they can relate to, heal from, and grow because of as they journey down the rambling road of Michelle´s mind.