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Every woman has a story. Some have endured domestic violence or child abuse. Others have suffered the heartache of a broken relationship or miscarriage. Others have made life changing decisions because of circumstances. Still others have overcome serious health challenges. Though they were weary and struggling they found a way to not only survive but grow and thrive.

If She Can… Inspiring Stories of Grit, Hope and Courage features the stories of 16 strong women who were challenged but had the strength and courage to win. They are triumphan!. They are winners! They are willing to share their stories in hope that through their tears others can find strength and a way forward. Their stories will fill you with hope and leave you feeling inspired and encouraged.

Their stories will captivate you. Some will amaze you. Some will startle you. Some will have you shaking your head thinking, “me, too!” There is a story for every woman inside these pages.

If She Can … so can you.

Contributing Writers: Ann Beauchamp; Dr. Ja’Net Bishop; Tianca Breedlove; Michelle Bryant-Griffin; Dr. Elizabeth Castle; JL Coston; Lynn DelGaudio; Keisha Hawes; Camilla Herold; Demetria Johnson; Katryna Johnson J.D.; Mary Johnson; Kimberly Mills; Chrissy Mullins; Robin Nazon; and Iskra Perez-Salcedo