Michelle Bryant Books

Girl it's time to focus on the sparkle

Simply speaking, we are a society that gravitates toward negativity. Even before I was the owner of Focus on Fabulous magazine (www.fofmagazine.com) and Podcast, I have been a positive person. If you know mi, you know I have not led an easy, paved or even confident life and yet here I am. Standing. Beaten and battered but whole and powerful. But no, I have not always been that way. I had to make a choice. The choice to be responsible for myself, my actions, reactions, and my corner of the world. I had to take hold of the decisions I made and to change the way I viewed things. This book is derived from the Facebook blog by the same name. It was created to share some of my experiences and stories in hopes of enlightening and encouraging you to shine, be real, be authentically you and to remind you that no matter what life throws you, Girl, it’s time.. to focus on the sparkle!