Michelle Bryant Books

To know you are not alone, that another woman has faced the same obstacles, has overcome the same struggles, has triumphed over the demons and devils in her life can be inspiring, encouraging, uplifting, and validating. Sixteen women came together to bare their souls, share their heartaches, and bring healing and hope to the world. The stories are different, but they all share a common thread of Faith, Fire and Fight. You will find encouragement. You will find ideas to apply to your own life. You will find hope. Just remember that If She Can … you can, too.

Contributing Writers: Katryna Johnson, Valerie Singley, Michelle Bryant-Griffin, Susan Kraber, Shanon McAlister, Cia Huston Dreves, Jessica Lynne Jordan, Keesha Nixon, Peggy Maguire, Tartanita Nowell.